African Ritual

African Ritual consists of a luxurious mud wrap using mud extracted from the Dead Sea and is conducted on a unique granite massage bench made from rocking stones that are especially prevalent on Bornholm Island. During the mud wrap, we will begin the treatment by covering the body in mud extracted from the Dead Sea. Afterwards, in order to help the mud better absorb the toxins we will wrap your body in cotton bandages or specially developed cellophane. The treatment is both relaxing and rejuvenates the body.

In addition, you will also get a light scalp massage during this treatment package. The African Ritual treatment also includes a gentle scalp massage, which will ease tensions in the scalp and neck and thereby reduce headaches. In addition to the therapeutic effects, we find that the treatment has a calming and relaxing effect on our customers.

Finally, you will receive a calm body massage using 100 % organic essential oils, which de-stress the body and make the skin appear rejuvenated and healthier.

Price overview

African Ritual (70 min)
Mon-Wed: 790 DKK
Thurs-Sun: 949 DKK

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