Hot Stone

One of our most popular treatments. Experience an ancient luxurious and sensual form of massage. It is a wellness treatment that helps relieve stress, muscle stiffness and promotes the body's cleansing process.

The key point of Hot Stone massage is the use of smooth, warm lava stones which will be used to massage the body. We combine this with therapeutic relaxation massage, making gentle and long strokes. The lava rocks are heated to 50-60 degrees and help to give a feeling of deep relief of body and mind. The heat aids the therapist in a positive way, so that they do not have to press as hard, but the customer still manages to achieve the full effect of muscle relaxation similar to that of deep tissue massage. Since it is very important to us that you leave from us with a wonderful and best possible wellness experience, we will try to make sure that the stones feel nicely warm against your skin, but please feel free to express if you find the stones too hot.

Price overview

Hot Stone (70 min)
Mon-Wed: 790 DKK
Thurs-Sun: 949 DKK

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