Chinese Tea Ceremony

The treatment includes a back, neck and shoulder massage, foot detox and a foot massage. A back, neck and shoulder massage is intended for those who want to focus on specific areas of the body. It is a pleasant and de-stressing massage treatment that also helps to relieve and prevent muscle tension.

Chinese foot massages have roots dating as far back as 5,000 years. Similar to reflexology, the treatment is based on the idea of stimulating acupunctural points. At Alea Wellness, we combine this method with a relaxing and gentle foot massage to increase the sense of absolute wellness.

In addition to a foot massage, you will also receive a foot detox treatment. A foot detox begins with a foot bath with salt mixed with fragrant, nourishing herbs, after which we will wrap your feet in mud extracted from the Dead Sea or Rasul (Moroccan Soap) according to your preference. Then you get a foot peeling with fruit essence or flower extract, after which we lightly massage your feet with a moisturizing foot cream.

Price overview

Chinese Tea Ceremony
Mon-Wed: 790 DKK
Thurs-Sun: 949 DKK

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