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Experience wellness with care for body and mind

Alea Wellness consist of a team of professional wellness and massage therapists with several years of experience across a variety of treatments. We are ready to pamper you and provide you with a broad range of luxurious treatments but are also able to relieve any tension of infiltrations in your muscles through physiotherapy and deep tissue massages. 

Our Wellness Therapists

Alea Byder

Educated masseuse and Shiatsu therapist. 15 years of experience involving therapeutic massages as well as wellness treatments. Worked at Falck Health Care from 2014-2018. Currently in the process of becoming RAB certified.

Christina Truelsen
Wellness Therapist

Christina is a trained massage therapist. She has aquired an RAB-certificate and has 20 years of experience in massage as well as in wellness treatments. She has work experience from 'Turkish Bath' in Holbæk and from her own clinic.

Medha Sector
Wellness Therapist

Educated masseuse since 2005. Several years of experience in treating various muscle-related pains, healing massages as well as wellness treatments. In addition, Medha is a trained vocal sound therapist and yoga instructor.

Pierluigi Marconato
Wellness Therapist

7-years of experience in physiotherapy massage and wellness treatments in the form of education and own practice. Completed a course in deep tissue massage in 2016. Pierluigi is from Italy and currently speaks primarily English.

Our Sauna Aufguss Masters

Alea Byder

Trained Sauna aufguss master since 2022. 

Kristine Ingevall

Trained as a Sauna Aufguss Master and helped start sauna aufguss in Copenhagen municipality's swimming pools in 2007. Kristine also taught at her own sauna aufguss school in 2013. She has worked with wellness and mindfulness for 15 years. Furthermore, Kristine is a trained Thai yoga massage therapist as well as yoga/pilates instructor. 

Sebastian Larvad

Sauna Aufguss Master since 2017. Has extensive knowledge and understanding of the composition of essential oils, and has, among other things, used sauna aufguss as active recovery in connection with elite sports (Danish champion in 400m races). Has worked in both private and public auspices and runs the company Fyraften.com (mobile saunagus). 

Our Visions for the Future 

In 2017, Alea Wellness began its collaboration with Hotel Griffen. We desire to become an unique wellness center on Bornholm. In the near future, we hope to be able to expand the company in other wellness areas, including workshops in self-care.

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