Gentlemen's Oil 30 ml

Gentlemen's Oil 30 ml


Adds moisture and nourishment to beard, hair and face.

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Tiger distillate oil (Organic), Thistle oil (Organic), Rapeseed oil (Organic), Broccoli seed oil (Organic), Squalane (From olive oil), Vitamin E (Cosmos Certified), Essential Olibanum oil, Essential Sandalwood oil, Azulene (has a calming, anti-liming effect), Linalool.

There are 2 of the 26 perfume substances in Men's Oil. This may cause an allergic reaction. It is always a good idea to test the product in the elbow fold, by the thin skin. If you get reactions, wash the skin immediately, and then do not use the product.

100% Vegetable - 90.8% Organic


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